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A Cup of Tea in Times of Uncertainty

Written by Maja Milanovic

If you made it through 2020 until now, congratulations. Right now everything seems urgent or collapsing, anxiety is growing and it’s hard to focus on personal dreams. It’s only normal that at this point your body is feeling tense, your shoulders ache and your feet are sore from all the surviving. Caught up in the whirlwind of emotions you might not even be aware that what you need is to slow down and reconnect.


Can we offer you a cup of tea?


Sipping on one of Min Syster Tehus’ loose teas , give yourself a permission each day to take a few minutes of stillness to ground your feet and scan your body. Smell the tea and reflect. When was the last time you felt this sense of uncertainty? Have a pen and piece of paper ready and write for 5-15 minutes or more without lifting your pen from the page.  Maybe you will realize that as scary as this turbulent time is, it’s also a wonderful opportunity to change direction or open up space within our bodies for new magic to happen.


Not your cup of tea?


Words like grounding, meditating, and journaling make you even more nervous. If you just want a quick fix, to find out what the future will bring, what about engaging instead in the ancient wisdom of tea reading for some guidance? Tasseography is an old divination practice brought to the West by Romani Gypsies. In order to get a reading, you should find a certified “seer.” Of course with the help of the internet, you can become your own fortune teller and search for the hidden meaning behind the imagery in your cup.


Even if slowing down or a quick fix are not your preference, there is an assortment of teas for everyone.


Bored of social distancing and same formatted ZOOM calls? What about spicing up the chat rooms and creating once a week a digital High Tea with your family, colleagues or friends? In the last few years new studies came out proving that the key to happiness and longevity is in socializing. These days we all need a little bit of kindness to get through the days, so why not gift a Min Syster Tehus tea or even a whole subscription to your favorite people before your tea date?


For centuries, teas have been shipped and transported battling strong winds and high waves but they always found their way to the harbors.  Hold onto your cup as an anchor, be patient and reach out for help. This storm shall also pass.

Tea Maja recommends:

Meditation/Journaling: Lemon Balm Rose

Tasseography: Da Hong Pao

High Tea: A quarterly subscription of two favorite teas

Instructions to read your own tea leaves:


1: Pour boiling water over tea leaves and wait three minutes. Drink the tea but leave a little bit of water with the leaves at the bottom.

2: Take the cup holder in your left hand and circulate it three times in order for some of the leaves to remain at the sides of the cup.

3: Put the cup on a little saucer and turn it over allowing all the liquid to come out.

4: The sediments on the bottom should create different shapes and symbols for you to interpret.

About Maja:

Maja Milanovic has an international experience in film, theater and TV as a writer and director as well as writing and proofreading blogs and copy. A truth seeker, she bridges worlds together to remind her readers that we all belong. In her free time you can find her cheering her son’s soccer team, drinking green tea, reading, and hanging upside down as a certified AG Yoga instructor. milanovic.maja@yahoo.com








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