Jasmine tea, fresh and sensuell!

Jasmine is the queen of flavored tea – one of very few that does not taste with chemical essences but with real flowers. The jasmine flowers have their uniqueness in that they only bloom at night. Therefore, you pick the jasmine flowers in the morning when they are fresh, store them cool during the day and at night they open up. It is this night-blooming flowers that are blended with the tea.  The most common tea to blend with the Jasmine flowers is green tea but other teas, such as white, oolong and black, are also used. Depending on the quality and type, they are blended different long time to get the right jasmine scent, sometimes one night, sometimes you repeat the procedure several nights. Our Jasmine Pearls are hand-rolled fresh tea leaves. After the fresh tea leaves has been rolled to pearls, they are dried before blended with the flowers. It is rare to find organic Jasmine pearls, as the jasmine flower is so sweet and attracts all insects. We are therefor so proud of our organic Jasmine Pearls.

Jasmine was taken to southern China in the twentieth century from the Arab world. It became popular during the Song Dynasty 960-1279 and today it is very large and really the only tea that can serve as the Chinese everyday alternative to pure green tea. To have such a special character, jasmine tea is incredibly useful, it works for most things: sweets, desserts, light fish dishes, hot chili roasts. In addition to the fact that green tea has many health benefits, the Jasmine helps facilitate digestion and promote good bacteria in the gut.

Jasmine’s meaning varies by place and culture, but it often symbolizes love, beauty, or sensuality

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