Min Systers Tehus foundation – giving birth, an act of peace 

We have dedicated our Foundation to three major areas for women –Women´s giving birth, Women’s leadership, and Women’s rights. They are all born out of our own different professional experiences aside of the teahouse.


Our first donation goes to Women´s giving birth and contributes to the Maternity care at the Panzi Hospital in DR Congo. Panzi hospital is well known for its holistic model of care, treating and advocating survivors of sexual violence.

With this contribution we support birth in a broader context and highlight the support of the birth as a peace work.


At the Panzi hospital, the woman is given the possibility to choose and to make a conscious choice, if she wants to have her newborn skin to skin after the birth. To make a choice concerning our own body is not obvious in maternity units in the world today, nor to have the baby close after birth. To be given an informed choice is a human right to all women!


Recent science shows that having the baby skin to skin increases the possibility for the baby to LOVE, not only for the rest of the newborn’s life but also for upcoming generations. The midwife that works under tough circumstances in war zones do, through the act of keeping the baby and the mother together, skin to skin, contribute to the future of the country. It is an empowering act for the midwife as for the mother.


At Panzi hospital, Maria is directly supporting teenagers, pregnant after sexual violence, through birth preparation classes. The aim is to increase the possibility for the teen to have a positive birth experience and to bond with the baby. A holistic model of care is offered during birth, a care where healing take place. Through this model we support the holistic approach to be spread to other hospitals in similar contexts.


Min Systers Tehus foundation is contributing to the “Kit after birth” given to the teens before the birth as a part of the preparation. The washing and caring of the baby clothes are part of the bonding and the transition to motherhood.

Kit after birth is a package with the essentials needed after birth for example reusable sanitary towels, body and washing soap, baby clothes, blanket, newborn hats.

From each sold tin of tea 10 SEK/1€ will go to our Foundation.


Our Foundation is embracing our engagement, us sisters, and from there, a higher purpose for the teahouse is unfolding. It is reconfirming and reminding us of the vaster context that we all are a part of. Read more about Min Systers Tehus Foundation.


Taking action is a choice – read more about the work at Panzi – www.panzifoundation.com

“To change the world, we must first change the way babies are being born”

-Michel Odent

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