Min Systers Tehus – Roots

We come from the same womb, different eras, different stories, different upbringings but the same womb. Us, two sisters!

Strong female roots backwards with female imprints on deeper levels, weave from the 17th and 18th centuries, a web of female art, struggle and empowerment, that we sisters so proudly has been a part of. This strong thread has tied together our female lineage.

Before our tea house was born, we both began to dip our toes in the great oceans at the same time. The same period but from different directions without realizing that it was the same ocean, only different waves.

It was waves from the major disciplines as Ayurveda, Chinese medicine, Buddhism, and they gave us a profound taste of a vaster dimension of life.

The waves brought new roots, roots of simplicity, and perhaps  it was out of this simplicity, the simplicity of everyday life, that our tea house was born.

Our tea has connected so many aspects of our lives. For no matter how much, we want or our mind wants to complicate our lives, the way out is usually simplicity.

Just a simple everyday moment with a cup of tea offers an invitation to connect deeper within.

A good tea, pure and sublime, is a portal to the present moment.


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