SLUT I VÅRT LAGER Da Hong Pao – dark Oolong


Oolong is perfect when you feel like something more powerful than green tea, but yet not as stimulating as black tea. Oolong is in between green and black tea, a semi oxidized tea. It is an art to find the right level of oxidation. Our Da Hong Pao is a dark Oolong with earthy taste and of high quality. It is suits well to serve to all kinds of food.

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Put the tea leaves in a glass or cup; pour around 100 degrees Celcius hot water on top. Leave it for 5 -10 minutes to let the tea leaves sink to the bottom. Lift the glass, look at the beautiful bernstein color, smell the powerful, earthy odor and take a sip. Take another long sip and enjoy.

No need for tea bag or a strainer. The Long Jing leaves should be free to develop its aroma in the water. When the leaves sink you can watch how they redevelop into big, fresh leaves, handpicked from the nature. When you have finished your first cup of tea you can just refill with more water on top of the same leaves. The second brew is the best. You can do this three times and still have a great moment. If you happen to get a leaf in your mouth, leave it on your gums if you have a soar, or eat them up. This tin contains 40 gram loose tea.



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