SLUT I VÅRT LAGER Jasmine – Organic green tea pearls


Jasmine tea is a green tea that has been blended with fresh jasmine flowers for three days to be enriched by their scent and aroma. They have been humidified and dried together in different processes, just to be separated in the end. The green tea, full of jasmine aroma, is then rolled by hand into small beautiful pearls. SE-EKO-03

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Put a couple of the beautiful pearls in a cup, take fewer in the begining to try out the strength of your taste. Pour 100 degrees good quality water, watch and scent when the pearls unfold and a lovely aroma is spread. Remains of the jasmine flowers can float in the water. Sip and enjoy. Perfect to drink with or after dinner. This tin contains 130 gram of loose tea.


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