Lemon Balm and Rose buds – Organic herbal tea Refill


Lemon balm is a beautiful herb from the Mediterranean that suits well to drink early mornings as well as late nights. Lemonbalm brings mental and physical well being. It contributes to optimal relaxation and helps to maintain a healthy sleep. The rose buds add a pleasurable aroma and a beautiful sight. SE-EKO-03

Content: Organic lemon balm and organic rose buds

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We have chosen to sell loose herbal tea for you to be able to smell and watch the leaves and flowers develop its aroma. You can brew in a pot for 3-5 minutes. Dose 1-2 tea spoons herbs per cup. You can also put the herbal tea in a your own tea bag when brewing a single cup. This tin contains 35 gram of loose herbal tea.


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