The Long Jing Tea

A sublime experience touched a new dimension, non-explored.  Surprisingly, the tea opened our chests, and we were sinking into the moment holding onto our cup of tea in our hands. How easy can it be to be guided into a peaceful moment during “fika”, a Swedish coffee break, just with tea?


A life changing realization that needed to be shared.

The Long Jing tea needed to be offered in Sweden. 

In Hangzhou in eastern China, beautiful tea bushes were covering the hills, we were gazing out over growing tea plantations of Long Jing. Together with our Chinese tea expert, Hanna, we were discovering, learning, tasting, and admiring, yes, this tea we will offer. Not so long after our insight, our first order of high-quality Long Jing was sent to Sweden.

Long Jing is more than tea for the Chinese people. With its embrace of protecting antioxidant and healthy nutrients, the body cells get marinated in beauty. The sublime vegetal tea flavor with its pure and clean aroma offers delight and joy. It is a revelation to get accustomed to. Long Jing takes us on a journey into a world of sublime tastes. With repetition and daily habits, it develops our senses and a deeper understanding and fulfilment.

Long Jing is unlike many other teas with its fresh green leaves and tender top shoots. After harvesting in April, the natural shape of the leaves is kept, dried in the shade, then gently heated in a big wok to preserve the leaves, and stop the oxidation. The procedure is precious as well as the timing of the harvest.

The exclusivity of the Long Jing tea also comes from the natural sources of the region, the pure water, and other important conditions as the high altitude, the quality of the earth, and the climate.

The Long Jing, preferably presented in a glass, invites to a moment of contemplation when the loose tea leaves appear, unite in a dance, in the glass of hot water.


Look, smell, taste and contemplate.


A pleasure is offered.

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