Water – The Mother of Tea

Rippling freshwater from the mountain springs is the ultimate water for brewing a cup of tea. It is also said that slow moving mountain water perfectly reveals the essence of a high-quality tea. If the tea plants have grown near the same slow-moving mountain spring, they become exquisite.

In China, water is called the “mother of tea”.

Water quality is vital. Pure water has neutral PH. The closer the water gets to neutral the tea flavour is better revealed. The neutrality of water is balancing the tea that is mildly acidic. So, to honor a high-quality tea, pour fresh, neutral, newly boiled water over the tea leaves.

The beauty of tea is the beauty of water.

Water without roots, never having touched the earth, is also beautiful for the tea. In ancient China, the water from melted snow, rain, hail, or dew was collected for tea brewing as it is softer and has less minerals.

Fresh water has a healthy amount of oxygen that help infuse the tea leaves to a fully flavored brew. Boiling the water several times or keeping it in a kettle depletes the oxygen.

Hard water that contains magnesium and calcium creates a bitter taste and reduces the true taste of tea. In fact, minerals in water can react with antioxidants and reduce the nutritional value of tea.

Tea is an art, science, and alchemy. An invitation to an ever-deepening journey to learn more and to taste more.

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